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Tom Miranda Bow Setup, Gear & Equipment List for Hunting

Tom Miranda


Birth Date

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Tom Miranda

January 21st, 1958

Columbus, Ohio, USA


Tom Miranda is a professional trapper and hunter as well as a videographer and writer. He started producing how-to videos on trapping for VHS in the 1980s and then expanded to television. He has written an impressive number of books as well. His skill as a bow-hunter has seldom been equaled—he is one of the few archers ever to have won the SCI World Hunting Award, and the only one to get all his qualifying hunts on video.


Carbon Express Maxima

Spine depends on what he's targeting but typically aims for 420 grains total.


Tightspot 7

Tom actually uses a Catquiver but they are not made anymore and hard to find used. The Tightspot 7 is a high capacity quiver that is similar and should do just fine.