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Tiffany Lakosky Bow Setup, Gear & Equipment List for Hunting

Tiffany Lakosky


Birth Date

Birth Place


Tiffany Lakosky

May 21st, 1975

Columbia Heights, Minnesota

5' 6"

Tiffany Lakosky and her husband, Lee Lakosky are both well-known television and YouTube personalities in the world of big-game bow hunting. They got their start with a popular TV show called Getting Close before launching the series that became their claim to fame, Crush with Lee and Tiffany. They are unusual among professional hunters in that they also manage the land where they do much of their hunting, consistently getting great bucks because they created the habitat where great bucks could grow. They are deeply involved in animal conservation, and they practice and encourage ethical and safe hunting methods. In addition to sharing their lives on screen, the couple also market a line of hunting- related products and teach hunting seminars.