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Donnie Vincent Bow Setup and Gear List for Hunting

Donnie Vincent


Birth Date

Birth Place


Donnie Vincent

October 29th, 1974

Wisconsin, USA


Donnie Vincent is an adventurer, first and foremost.

He grew up reading Jack O’Connor stories and listening to his dad tell stories about hunting in Maine, and though he only hunted small game as a kid with his father, he started going after bear as soon as he got to college. But while hunting was always a major interest, Vincent’s real passion has been simply getting out in the wilds in whatever way he could, weapon or no weapon. To that end, he became a wildlife biologist, studying tigers in Nepal and Bangladesh and studying salmon in Alaska, among other achievements.

Along the way, he continued hunting big game, initially with a gun, but later realizing his love of bowhunting. For him it’s always about the challenge and about getting out into the wild.

Eventually, he began filming his hunts and sharing the videos with friends, including friends in the world of television who could use the material on-air. That led to him getting more and more involved with documenting hunting and discussing hunting publicly, which led in turn to his starting his own digital production company, Sicmanta.

These days, he sells his videos directly (but not exclusively) through his own website, where he also blogs about all aspects of hunting, from his favorite gear to his latest exploits. He is a familiar social media presence to many as well, where he can talk about not simply the hunts themselves but also all the issues he sees as related to hunting, including conservation science and the ethical, spiritual, and cultural dimensions of the sport.

So Donnie Vincent’s life has come full circle; he has gone from being a child listening to and dreaming about stories of adventure to being a man telling the stories that can inspire other people’s dreams on podcasts such as the Joe Rogan Experience and Steven Rinella's MeatEater.

This is the complete Donnie Vincent Bow Setup: