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Steven Rinella Bow Setup, Gear & Equipment List for Hunting

Steven Rinella Bow Setup


Birth Date

Birth Place


Steven Rinella

February 13, 1974

Twin Lake, Michigan, USA

6' 0"

Steven Rinella grew up in Twin Lake, Michigan hunting and fishing along side his two brothers. Their father was obsessed with the outdoors.

Steven holds many titles, outdoorsman, author, television personality, and conservationist. Most people know him through his TV Show MeatEater which got picked up by Netflix. Whichever way you came to know Steven Rinella there is one thing that rings true, it’s hard to find a single person who has a bad word to say about him. He is universally loved within the outdoors community.¬†

Steve primarily hunts with a gun but he does bow hunt, and he’s ingrained in the bow hunting community. He is good friends with Remi Warren and has had numerous people on his podcast including: John Dudley, Adam Greentree, Cameron Hanes, Donnie Vincent, and Levi Morgan.

If Joe Rogan is the face of hunting, Steven Rinella is the voice of hunting.

This is the complete Steven Rinella Bow Setup: