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Brady Ellison Bow Setup, Gear & Equipment List for Competition


Birth Date

Birth Place


Brady Ellison

October 27th, 1988

Glendale, Arizona, USA

6' 0"

Brady Ellison is a highly accomplished American archer, renowned for his exceptional skills and achievements in the sport. Born on October 27, 1988, in Glendale, Arizona, Ellison discovered his passion for archery at a young age. He grew up in a family supportive of outdoor activities, which played a significant role in nurturing his early interest in the sport. Ellison’s journey in archery began earnestly when he was just seven years old. His natural talent and dedication were evident from the start. He spent countless hours practicing and perfecting his technique, which paid off as he quickly rose through the ranks in junior competitions. His early success laid the foundation for what would become a remarkable career. As a teenager, Ellison’s talent was undeniable. He made a significant impact on the national archery scene, winning numerous titles and setting several junior records. His prowess in the sport earned him a place in the U.S. Archery Team, marking the beginning of his international career. The year 2008 was a pivotal one for Ellison as he made his Olympic debut in Beijing. Although he didn’t medal in his first Olympics, the experience gained was invaluable. Ellison’s determination only grew stronger, and he continued to hone his skills with an unwavering focus on excellence. Ellison’s hard work paid off in the following years. He became a dominant force in international archery, winning multiple World Cup titles and setting new world records. His consistency and skill made him one of the top archers in the world. One of Ellison’s most notable achievements came in 2012, when he competed in the London Olympics. He displayed remarkable skill and resilience, contributing significantly to the U.S. team’s success. Beyond the Olympic stage, Ellison has been a formidable competitor in World Archery Championships, securing numerous medals and establishing himself as a consistent performer. His ability to perform under pressure and deliver precise shots has been a hallmark of his career.

Ellison’s technique is a blend of physical prowess and mental strength. He is known for his smooth draw and steady aim, attributes that have made him a role model for aspiring archers. His mental toughness, critical in a sport that demands concentration and composure, sets him apart from many of his contemporaries.

Off the field, Ellison is known for his down-to-earth personality and dedication to promoting archery. He is actively involved in various initiatives to encourage youth participation in the sport and often shares his expertise through coaching and mentorship programs.

Ellison’s journey in archery is not just about the medals and accolades but also about his resilience and dedication to the sport he loves. Overcoming injuries and adapting to changes in the sport, he has shown a remarkable ability to stay at the top of his game.


Easton Match Grade Field Points

Brady uses a 220 Gr Point but I believe they are custom order. Easton has a bunch of different Match Grade points that should fit your individual preference.