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Aron Snyder Bow Setup, Gear & Equipment List for Hunting

Aron Snyder


Birth Date

Birth Place


Aron Snyder

January 27th, 1977

Massachusetts, USA

6' 0"

Aron Snyder is photographer, writer, and podcaster. He is also an enthusiastic wilderness bow hunter and an expert in both hunting and hunting-related gear. He got his start hunting with his father, then honed his outdoor survival skills and all-around toughness in the Army. Returning to the civilian world, he organized his life around hunting, not even buying furniture so he could save money for the next hunting trip. He began reviewing gear on his own and developed a reputation as a rigorous and honest reviewer of hunting-related year. That reputation led to paid work, included his partnership with the Kifaru company,where he eventually become CEO. Partnerships with other brands followed, including First Lite, Christensen Arms, Born Primitive Outdoor, and Havalon Knives. Today, Snyder is known for his uncompromising standards in gear and in himself, as well as his accessibility to up and coming hunters who want to learn from him.


Elite Verdict

37.75" Axle to Axle

7.125 Brace Height

70# Limbs

75# Draw Weight

274 FPS

590 gr Arrow