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Adam Greentree Bow Setup and Gear List for Hunting

Adam Greentree


Birth Date

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Adam Greentree

September 29, 1980

New South Wales, Australia


Adam Greentree is a well-respected and internationally-recognized bow-hunter, documenting his sometimes hair-raising adventures for his more than 233,000 followers on Instagram and through the podcast, Bowhunter’s Life, which he hosts with his wife, Kim. They and their three children live in Merewhether. Greentree’s popularity comes, in part, from his exciting stories of the extended back-county hunts he takes alone, and in part due to the philosophy he brings to the sport. He has appeared on the Joe Rogan Podcast, the Gritty Bowmen Podcast and in works from Yeti Films and Under Armour Films.

Greentree began picking up hunting skills from his parents, helping them control non-native, feral animals around their home in the Upper Hunter. Today, he does not call that hunting, only a kind of extermination, something that needed to be done for the good of the natural environment. He bought his first bow in a pawn shop and taught himself how to use it, finding the bow much more challenging and much more rewarding than his old rifle. The ancient feel of the weapon, plus the discipline necessary to use it well, fired up something vital within him.

He still primarily hunts invasive, non-native species, both in Australia and elsewhere, but he pays his respects to the animal with humble gratitude. He uses the entire carcass, wasting nothing. He believes that the intimate relationship a hunter has with the prey leads to greater respect and care for animals than that felt by many opponents of hunting. He sees himself as engaging in the same kind of survival hunting, the same kind of visceral living off the land, that was practiced by our ancestors going all the way back to before we were fully human. It keeps in grateful for his family and his life and keeps him on an even keel, alive to meaning.

Although Greentree is not immune to criticism and does have his detractors, he also has many fans and admirers, including those who cite him as their primary inspiration for getting into bow hunting.

Adam is good friends with Joe Rogan and has appeared on a variety of podcasts including Steven Rinella's.

This is the complete Adam Greentree bow setup: