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Remi Warren Bow Setup and Gear List for Hunting

Remi Warren


Birth Date

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Remi Warren

March 3rd, 1985

Montana, USA


Remi Warren has been a hunter his entire life. Add a fascination with photography and videography, a strong work-ethic, and a solid skill as a writer, and you have the recipe for an impressive career by the age of thirty.

He started out right after high school determined to become a hunting guide and hoping to get on TV. His method was simple; go to Montana, hunt a lot, and see what happens. What happened was he started bumping into older hunters out in the field, seeing the same people again and again, competing for the same game. Eventually, they asked him to stop competing with them and to work for them instead. His career as a guide was up and running. 

TV followed when he pitched his hunting videos to Solo Hunters. Doing some writing for a local magazine led to essentially taking on every role in the magazine’s production, from layout to editing. He became an outfitter when someone in the industry offered to sell him a business. Soon he was organizing hunts for clients in New Zealand and Africa. He is now involved in a wide variety of projects, all of them involved in one or another way with hunting, harvesting, and preparing wild meat.

Remi is one of the biggest names in hunting now, and can be even recognized by people outside of hunting due to his appearance on the Joe Rogan Podcast and his friendship with Steven Rinella.

One of Warren’s most interesting projects is his TV show, Apex Predator, in which he studies a different species of predator in each episode and tries to see if he can incorporate some of its methods in his own hunts. He got the idea by watching wolves and realizing they were not only going after the same game he was, but also using many of the same techniques. He has found that in many cases he is able to do things he had never thought possible, such as outrun elk by choosing a more efficient route. It’s not that he has any claim to super-human powers. In fact, which his experience and his good physical condition give him an advantage in some areas, in other areas he is distinctly average. His success comes from taking a fresh look at things conventionally assumed to be impossible—and discovering where the conventional wisdom is wrong.

This is the complete Remi Warren Bow Setup: