John Dudley Bow Setup, Gear and Equipment List for Hunting

NameBirth DateBirth PlaceHeightJohn DudleyJune 14th, 1976Mississippi, USAUnknown QUICK SELECT This is the complete John Dudley Bow Setup:COMPOUND BOWARROWSBROADHEADSQUIVERSIGHTRESTSTABILIZERVANESSTRINGRELEASERANGEFINDEROPTICSSPOTTING SCOPETARGETGPSCAMOBOOTSSOCKSPACKWATER CONTAINERSHELTERSLEEPING PADSLEEPING BAGSUPPLEMENTSCOOLER John Dudley is one of the most prominent figures in professional archery and probably the most esteemed archery coach on earth. John got into archery over 30 years ago by virtue of hunting … Read more

Eva Shockey Bow Setup and Gear List for Hunting

NameBirth DateBirth PlaceHeightEva ShockeyJanuary 5th, 1988Vancouver Island, BC, Canada5′ 9″ Eva Shockey, now Eva Shockey Brent is a famous TV personality, hunter, conservationist and an all around outdoorswoman. She is married to former hockey player Tim Brent and is the daughter of the famed Jim Shockey. Eva has been around hunting for her entire life … Read more

Joe Rogan Bow Setup and Gear List for Hunting

NameBirth DateBirth PlaceHeightJoe RoganAugust 11th, 1967Newark, New Jersey, USA5′ 7″ QUICK SELECT COMPOUND BOWARROWSBROADHEADSSIGHTRESTSTABILIZERVANESSTRINGRELEASERANGEFINDEROPTICSCAMOBOOTSSOCKSPACKCOOLERSUPPLEMENTSWATER CONTAINERSLEEPING BAGSLEEPING PADSHELTER Joe Rogan is a comedian, actor and life long martial artist practicing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Taekwondo. He is known for a string of TV and movie appearances, his active career as a stand-up comic, and his popular … Read more

Donnie Vincent Bow Setup and Gear List for Hunting

NameBirth DateBirth PlaceHeightDonnie VincentOctober 29th, 1974Wisconsin, USAUnknown QUICK SELECT This is the complete Donnie Vincent Bow Setup:COMPOUND BOWARROWSBROADHEADSQUIVERSIGHTRESTSTABILIZERVANESSTRINGRELEASERANGEFINDEROPTICSSPOTTING SCOPETRIPODGPSCAMOBOOTSSOCKSPACKWATER CONTAINERSHELTERSLEEPING PADSLEEPING BAGCOOLER Donnie Vincent is an adventurer, first and foremost. He grew up reading Jack O’Connor stories and listening to his dad tell stories about hunting in Maine, and though he only hunted small game as … Read more

Remi Warren Bow Setup and Gear List for Hunting

NameBirth DateBirth PlaceHeightRemi WarrenMarch 3rd, 1985Montana, USAUnknown QUICK SELECT This is the complete Remi Warren Bow Setup:COMPOUND BOWARROWSBROADHEADSSIGHTQUIVERSTABILIZERVANESSTRINGRELEASERANGEFINDEROPTICSCAMOBOOTSSOCKSPACKWATER CONTAINERKNIFECOOLERTRIPOD Remi Warren has been a hunter his entire life. Add a fascination with photography and videography, a strong work-ethic, and a solid skill as a writer, and you have the recipe for an impressive career by … Read more

Adam Greentree Bow Setup and Gear List for Hunting

NameBirth DateBirth PlaceHeightAdam GreentreeSeptember 29, 1980New South Wales, AustraliaUnknown QUICK SELECT This is the complete Adam Greentree bow setup:COMPOUND BOWARROWSBROADHEADSSIGHTRESTSTABILIZERVANESSTRINGRELEASERANGEFINDEROPTICSCAMOBOOTSSOCKSPACKWATER CONTAINERSHELTERCOOLER Adam Greentree is a well-respected and internationally-recognized bow-hunter, documenting his sometimes hair-raising adventures for his more than 233,000 followers on Instagram and through the podcast, Bowhunter’s Life, which he hosts with his wife, Kim. … Read more

Cameron Hanes Bow Setup and Gear List for Hunting

NameBirth DateBirth PlaceHeightCameron HanesOctober 2nd, 1967Eugene, Oregon, USA5′ 8″ Cameron Hanes is a professional bowhunter whose passion for the sport is unparalleled. He plans his entire workout routine, hell his entire life around being prepared to go into the backcountry. He trains 7 days a week and runs 100 mile marathons during the off-season. Cameron … Read more